Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Validating your time with animals and abstractions.

So its a New Year and with it comes new responsibility, mainly coming up with something to write about on the blog that is of enough interest to justify not only me writing it, but you reading it and generally for this blog to not just be confined away to a "curiosity of last year". By the look of things, I'm not doing to well so far. So far I have pointed out not only the lack of progress in this first paragraph, but also the redundancy in its writing and therefore reading.

Which is an interesting point. Can something that was not worth writing be at the same time worth reading? Doesn't the reading itself validate the writing? Maybe when the reading is worthwhile only then does the validation carry through. Unforunately this is not a "If A proves B then B must prove A". In this case that would mean that by me writing it, I have validated your choice to read it. Or perhaps only if the writing was worthwhile does it validate any reading of it.

That didn't make any sense. And so I'm back at the beginning. I have yet to make a point to validate your little trip through this speach so I am yet to make all of this typing worthwhile. So let's try to make this all worthwhile. You are reading this to be either entertained/informed/provided with information to use against me. I have not really done any of this yet unless you count the psuedo maths applied in the last little bit which someone who studies both English and Maths is currently trying to unravel to prove that they understand either.

Instead I believe that you can be sated therefore with either a piece of information that will warm your head via the brain, or something that will make you smile. But of course if I could do that off the top of my head, then I wouldn't be typing this in in my spare time, but be writing it up to make a living off. So let's try to work something out between us.

I want you to think of an animal. Now I want you to write down the word least associated with it. Go and do this now... I can wait...

Okay so what did you come up with? A different animal? Not very inventive. Another object with another property? Getting closer maybe. Perhaps an abstract concept. Maybe a celestial object (going with far away= different). I'm rather stumped to come up with the all-trumping winner for this one. I'm stuck between 'Sufferage' and 'Apron'. It's suprisingly hard to come up with a word that has truly no way of linking back to the animal within a single spanning concept. You think that a Horse has no link to 'Wednesday'? -

Wednesday is from the Anglo-Saxon god Woden. Woden was worshipped during the Migration period, until the 7th or 8th century, when Germanic paganism was gradually replaced by Christianity. In Christianised Anglo-Saxon England, Woden was rationalized as a historical king, and remnants of worship were continued into modern times as folklore, Wodan featuring prominently in both English and Continental folklore as the leader of the Wild Hunt.

What better way to go hunting than on horseback? (Damn I'm good).