Friday, 2 February 2007

Ramblings of a mad man

Fridges are a weird invention. They seem to be the lazy cousin of the freezer, as if someone tried to invent a cooling device and did 'quite well'. But this 2-2 of cooling equipment hasn't seemed to stop all of us owning one (or two in my case).

Keeping things 'mildly cool' seems to be a necessity of food storage, but this must only be a serendipitous discovery. Someone who used to live in Scotland in 50BC migrated to warmer climates of the south and found that their weekly shop to Tescos (or whatever the BC equivalent was), meant that they could no longer eat meat on the sixth day.

Logic would then assume this person to have made the connection between temperature and throwing up after eating dinner and decided that the best thing to do to stop it happening again would be to mildly cool the food.

This seems like a rather large leap of faith. Most people might stop eating the certain product, move back up north or fast every sixth day (maybe starting a new, dogmatic religion in the process). But instead the person dug a hole in their cave wall (anachronism anyone?), and stuffed the food in there. Perhaps this was not to cool the food, but instead to keep it out of sight from the naughty vomit pixies. In either case, they then tried to eat the food again and found that it was quite nice, if not a little chilly.
Eureka! they must have shouted. And shouted loudly enough for their neighbours to hear them. Wandering over, Mrs. Marsbury from No. 3, enquires about the cry of euphoria.
"What's going on... Oh my gods! You're eating food on the sixth day, are you mad?!".
"No! I've hidden my food in a hole all week. Its fine!"

Now it would seem like Mrs. Marsbury has about 3 sane responses here.
1. "What on earth possessed you to do something so random and expect it to work?"
2. "Is that why I heard scratching between our walls all last week?"
3. "I'm leaving now. and I don't just mean out of here, I mean out of the neighbourhood. Don't follow me."

But instead, Mrs. Marsbury, or rather Janet (you know enough about her to be on first name terms by now), chose secret answer number 4. It is an option that thankfully she knew about and actually chose it over the first 3 options.
"Could you make me one?"

And so the refridgerator was born. From there it was merely a matter of time and product evolution before it was painted white, used cfcs and had shelves that you can never quite stack foods in without crushing the orange juice in the side compartment.

Riv 'Two Fridges' Milar.

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