Wednesday, 1 July 2009

wiring for headset

I've recently had to rewire my Creative Fatal1ty headset. Following this, someone has asked how I did it as apparently the same thing has happened to them (following an entanglement with my chair, it ripped the cable apart where the mic and headphone leads join to make a single wire to the headset).

The wires available are:
from the mic port - white and gold
from the speaker port - blue, red and gold
from the headset - green, white, gold, red, blue.

The white is hidden inside the unshielded gold wire, and needs to be separated.

The diagram below should show how the wires match up. I did this through trial and error and it seems to be back working at 100%.


Boyan said...

Hi, I'm having the same problem - the cord ripped off so i have to rewire the headset. Can you please check if with the wiring you gave in your post everything is working (i.e. changing left/right on winamp or something similar). Because i tried it in this way and it is playing the music correctly only on far left or on far right - in the middle it's just... wrong :) I hope you understood me. Thanks in advance

Adman said...


I have the same headset, and my microphone (pink plug) got ripped loose.

I thought it would be a simple matter to isolate and reconnect the mic wires (unshielded copper and the internal white-shielded wires), but after doing so, I still don't get any mic signal.

Any ideas?

trotmaster said...

Hey Boyan, Adman.

In response, the wiring for me is how I have shown it. However, there is more than 1 type of Fatal1ty headset, so double check that we are talking about the same model.

Also make sure that the wires are insulated after you have re-attached them, the gold wire is obviously unshielded.

Finally if you are still having troubles, then you can always do what I did and try to swap around the wires whilst it is playing (usual disclaimers about damaging stuff here). I plugged mine cables in, played some music and started to pinch the different wires together using crocodile clips until I found the right combination. It's hardly rocket surgery, but it will get the job done.

Scott Nordeen said...

Thanks for the wiring diagram. This came in handy after my son came running by the computer and ripped the mic jack out.

Catreece MacLeod said...

In the process of splicing together my fatal1ty headset right now. Quite thankful for the site and the diagram especially!

What I've discovered while doing this is that the green wire controls the left speaker, the red is the right speaker, the blue is the microphone and the white/copper is the ground wire. Figured it'd be handy for other people in the future. =3

Catreece MacLeod said...

Whelp, I was wrong. Red is right, blue is left, green is both speakers' midtones. Go figure.

White/unshielded are the mic but it's really weird how it works. Just splicing both as they were doesn't give a proper signal for some reason. Sigh, I shouldn't've cut the white one. Should've read what Adman said first. Boo.