Thursday, 19 September 2013

automated odex to dex script

When grabbing a new Android device, most applications' dex files have been optimised for the device. A few people have written a guide to using smali and baksmali in this situation (, but here's a handy script to do it all. You'll need smali.jar and baksmali.jar in the local directory when you run it.

echo "+------------------------------+"
echo "+                              +"
echo "+       mass de-odexer         +"
echo "+         TROTMASTER           +"
echo "+                              +"
echo "+------------------------------+"

mkdir BOOTCLASSPATH 2>/dev/null
mkdir tobedeodexed 2>/dev/null
mkdir deodexed  2>/dev/null
#clear out the previous contents COMMENT THIS OUT IF YOU ARE USING THE SAME BOOTCLASSPATH etc.
rm BOOTCLASSPATH/* 2>/dev/null
rm tobedeodexed/*  2>/dev/null
rm deodexed/* 2>/dev/null

#get bootclasspath files TODO:get only .jar files
echo "pulling boot class path files..."
adb pull /system/framework/ BOOTCLASSPATH/ > /dev/null 2>&1

#get odexes
echo "pulling .odex files..."
for i in $(adb shell ls /system/app/*.odex | sed -e 's/odex./odex/'); do adb pull $i tobedeodexed/$(echo $i|cut -d"/" -f 4)>/dev/null 2>&1;done

#Now run smali then baksmali to change odex to dex. may need -a to change api level
for i in $(ls tobedeodexed/*.odex);do rm -R out/ 2>/dev/null; echo baksmali-ing $(echo $i|cut -d"/" -f 2);java -Xmx1024m -jar baksmali.jar  -x $i -d BOOTCLASSPATH/; echo smali-ing $(echo $i|cut -d"/" -f 2);java -Xmx1024m -jar smali.jar -o deodexed/$(echo $i| cut -d "/" -f 2).dex out;done

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