Wednesday, 6 May 2009


With the publication of the glone, it has been really interesting and rather rewarding to finally get some feedback following weeks of fiddling in my bedroom (teehee).

My intention was to always end up with a steampunk looking device, which I feel that the glone sacrificed for usability/feasibility.

This time, the theory has been proven, and so it is time to make one that fits the second part of my ideal: to have the right look.

Interestingly, following the feedback, certain other things have come into view.

1) What is the health risk of keeping a phone so close to the skin?
2) Are buttons really ideal?

I had looked at alternatives to the buttons earlier on, but small buttons lent themselves to the design due to their ease of application and general look. However size is now more important to me. With the Samsung, the designers in their wisdom did not include a common earth on the buttons (don't ask me why). The new phone I want to use is the Nokia 3310, which does have this feature.

It may be possible to therefore have contact "pads" on the side of the fingers and an earth wire on the thumb. Attaching the earth comfortably to the thumb may be awkward, but from then on, it would just be a matter of touching the pads to make a button press. A wired metal thumb ring perhaps?

Finally the radiation issue. After a lazy 5 minute Googling, it seems that the major issues are to do with signal strength, phone heat and distance of the antenna from the body. The aerial is the small plastic flat panel on the back of the phone. Perhaps this can be moved and modded to be a separate component. Maybe disguising it as something more ancient, like an antenna or satellite receiver? Ideas on a postcard please.

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