Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Glone V1

A big apology for the wait. This has been sitting complete on my desk and I have not yet taken pictures of it in action (thanks Pops!).

As you can see it is fully functioning. The buttons on the fingers give control of buttons 0-9 and call and end call. The mic and speaker have been added to the base of the thumb and the end of the pinkie. I have trialled it and its been generally good, but there's a lot to change for version 2. Some of the major issues are:
- The primary speaker is broken, so there is no ringing tone, and it must be switched to speakerphone to take calls.
- There is no vibrate function (as it was part of the primary speaker's functions)
- The sim card slot is hard to get at because it is under the pcb.
- The pcb is hard to keep attached to the glove as its screw holes are only semi circles on the edge of the board.
- The speaker is rather fuzzy (electrical tape is helping, but something of a bodge).

Additions for version 2:
- ribbon cable to cut down clutter
- a box to hold the main board
- a vibrate feature
- smaller buttons fitted to the side of the glove
- copper sheeting and rivets
- better housing for the speaker & mic.
- More art work (perhaps watch gearing built into "windows" on the main box)
- If it's a Nokia, could you wire the vibrate piece in to the fly wheel of a watch?
- No buttons on the pcb. It looks scrappy and is awkward to get to. Instead they should be mounted on the box's top

Anyways, some images:


Anonymous said...

O_o you FREEK )) good device ))

Pops said...

nice work Son though i have some more ideas for this and also the art work!