Friday, 17 April 2009


So there was this idea that comedy was easy to write, so a while back we thought that we could write something based on parodying stereotypes in universities. Below is a script using a few of the ideas. Please don't copy any of this and turn it into a Bafta winning award without contacting me first!

The exciting life of students-

(from exiciting clubbing scenes cuts to V and T in front of the television. V coughs out some food and it lands on the floor. Lengthy pause. )

V: I'll give you a pound if you prod it.

(another lengthy pause)

T: (Goes to say no), yeah okay then


(Cut to R sleeping slowly zooming in on face with Mozarts dies irae playing. Suddenly alarm goes off and music stops abruptly. R gets up and out of shot and turns alarm off. Returns to bed and music starts again as soon as he closes his eyes).

Eventually R goes down stairs in Dressing gown to the living room.

T: (not averting eyes from television) How goes the revision?

R: It's starting tomorrow

T: (looks confused) The exam's tomorrow

R: Well what are you doing about it?

T: I've revised.

R: So you know it all?

T: I think so.

R: Could you help me?

T: Bit busy at the moment

(long pause whilst T watches TV)

R: Oh shit. Shit, shit.

T: You're a 2nd year Chemistry student. You can't expect me to help you out at this late stage.

R: I only need enough to pass. Besides, if I fail then who will you live with next year?

T: Other people whos housemates have also dropped out?

R: I hate you. (walks back out)

T: Hate you too mate.

(R goes to V's room)

R: Evening

V: (not looking up from pc screen) Hey

R: I need help on my exam.

V: I'm busy

R: (looking at screen) What you buying ?

V: Hobnail boots

R: Why?

V: Dunno, just always wanted some.

R: Have you revised yet?

V: For what?

R: The exam tomorrow!

V: (Finally turning from the screen), I don't have an exam

R: Yes we do! at 1pm.

V: But I'm not in your course

R: (speechless, stares at V for a few seconds) Aren't you?!

V: No

R: But why were you in my exam last year?

V: I was bored. I was trying to get some others chucked out of the exam and so increasing your chances to get placed higher in the class.

R: (another long pause) ah thanks mate.

(V turns back to the screen)

R: So what do you do?

(Flash back to Vietnam fighting)

V: Media studies

R: Really?!


R: So so can you help?

V: Not really. I don't know your subject and I need to stay in all day tomorrow until my boots arrive

R: ...shit.

(R returns to living room to find T joined by J)

R: Hey James, how was last night?

J: Hmm?

T: potatos

(J gets up and runs around the couch before sitting down again)

T: He said how was the hypnotherapist show?

J: Oh, no I didn't go in the end.

R: ...ahh.

R: James, have you got any tips for revision?

J: yes, start early.

R: Any others?

J: Cheat

R: Cheat?

J: Cheat

R: How?

(J leans over and whispers in R's ear)

T: No, they'd spot a mile away

J: Not by whispering Tom

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