Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Hero: A trilogy in three parts. My autobiography

When writing about oneself, it is important not to underestimate the impact you have had on the world. Indeed would we be anywhere without the motor engine, the atomic bomb or wheel? But all these things have one thing in common; their creators are unable to invent anything else. Their pinnacle accomplishments have been reached and accomplished.

I believe this is where I have the opportunity to stand above all of these people. Einstein may have helped revolutionise modern thinking on the universe, but no more than that. I on the other hand, have still time to do far greater. In this respect, I am far greater than Einstein.

But this was not always the case. Indeed my early years were not spent enlightening peers nor bringing peace to the inner city. Many days were spent arranging coloured plastic bricks and staring at the television, but even then I knew that the rest of my life would not be this way. The plastic bricks would one day become bricks and mortar that would form shelters for blind orphans or go to describe the abstract form of DNA that will help medicine cure death.

Many of you whom I know from the medical world will know that this is still not yet the case. Despite many medical advances over the last few centuries, the death rate in humans is still estimated to be at 100%. I am therefore writing my autobiography in the future tense. I'm sure many of you realise that as an eccentric billionaire, I have little time to sit in front of a typewriter and produce my life's work in such elegantly simple terms that even someone of your literary stature can comprehend the revolution I have brought about, so instead I have chosen to write it now to get it out of the way, and therefore free myself up to changing the world irreparably for the better.

The trilogy begins.

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