Monday, 23 April 2007

Scumm and Riffraph

DI Scumm and DC Riff-Raph. Two hard-nosed, crime fighting men of the law. Whose complete disregard for the way things are supposed to be done, not to mention disregard for presentability and fashion-sense, has had them kicked out of the force.

Now they must fight crime in their own time, between working for Co-Op and night security companies, they team up so they can once again hand out unreasonable force for the sake of keeping the streets safe.

This week, former DI Scumm finishes work as a security guard in his Local Co-Op, only to discover that one of his staff has been stealing cigarettes from the shop and smoking them round the back on their lunch break. Grabbing their crime fighting Ford Capri battlemobil, Scumm races towards the port authorities, where his former work partner, Riff-Raph is in the middle of tucking in to a Bacon and Egg Baguette and a styrofome cup of coffee. Kicking down the door to the office, Scumm bellows his war cry of a catchphrase:

"Come on you layabout scruff maggot, we've got crimes to beat on!". 10 minutes of driving montage later (including jumping the toll bridge queue by ramming several cyclists off the road), they're back at the Co-Op, baseball bats and half finished cans of special brew in hand, Riffraph and Scumm are ready to demonstrate why crime doesn't pay.

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