Thursday, 17 May 2007

As I have not added any superheroes on this page for awhile, I thought I’d blitz it and add as many poorly thought through characters as possible. Thanks to pops for some of these suggestions:

Captain Interesting - with the power of keeping people amused with small talk for several minutes.

Wonder girl - The ability to wonder about things.

Spider solitaire man - Can complete any game of spider solitaire in just 5 or less.

A-road boy - Can harness the power of A roads to drive to locations without the use of a motorway

Slough woman - Can harness the secret necromancing powers of the city of Slough

Emo-kid - Can drag everyone around him down in to a pit of apathy and mild depression by constantly reminding everyone that we're all worthless ants.

The chav hive - A powerful hive mind that can harness chavs and place them into a zombie like state to do its bidding (which normally involves hanging outside of alldays and bothering people).

Boy Racer boy - has the power to speed but only if being followed by a police Car through reading being filmed for the next series of Police Camera action

Side kick man – who every week has a new but usless sidekick

Powerpoint Man – who puts people to sleep with excessively long and pointless power point presentations, (normally found in Microsoft)


bigdave84 said...

Captain vaugley coegnt: The ability to make people just about understand what he is saying through grunts and groans.

Anonymous said...

Isnt that the same as Drunk Man?
pops(without profile on here)

Anonymous said...

and im not really anonymous im just to lazy to set up a profile.