Wednesday, 12 December 2007

ode to the obi

Sorry for all the regular readers, but a more serious post. Recent gradings at my martial arts club has left me thinking about the significance of the belt around our waist.

without our success, no belt but our white
tied on tight, pressed flat
worn with a smile, worn with pride
a symbol above just colour.

a sign for all, "I did this"
"This is my achievement", "this is mine"
though never more than cotton, sewn.
Our blood, sweat and tears now part.

though never a trophy forever kept
I remember where I stood
when my first belt, handed to me
and tied on with pride.

I did this.

Haiku -

Its colour like yours?
my belt fades in toil and sweat
no two are the same.

though our meetings short
before a new grade and belt
each one is special

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