Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A quick update on the glove.

I spent yesterday evening working on the glove, my first real opportunity since getting back. I have made some discoveries.
- Though my soldering ability has improved, I am still rather crude in my creations. I have just ordered a "helping hand" device that is basically a stand with crocodile clips to help me with future soldering of wires. Also after having another look at the onboard mic, I have decided that it is beyond my abilities, so I've ordered a hands free kit, which I can then cannibalise.
- It's all bloody time consuming. I spent about half an hour platting the copper wire to make about 4 foot's worth and I thought that that would be a quickie. There is still the more time consuming points of sewing the glove and threading the fingers. It may be a couple of weeks before I have something worth taking out in public.
- The buttons take a solid push to activate. This means that they will have to be very well secured so that a push by the thumb will send the signal and not just rotate the finger piece around the glove.
Finally a more happy note, I have soldered and reinforced (via the glue gun), around half of the buttons and they are all working, which is a good sign. Another evening and they should be done and from there it will be on to the mounting and reinforcing.

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