Thursday, 19 March 2009

Silence isn't golden

Interesting developments in the world of manus-radio last night. With the soldering completed on all of the buttons, it was time to fire it up with the SIM card in (to my shame, I hadn't thought of running a full diagnostics whilst the phone was still intact). Everything was working fine, except that there is no sound!. No sound and no vibration. No there definitely had been sound when I first got the phone and turned it on. This means that during development, the sound had been broken. :-(

It does not mean that the phone is a write-off, there are 2 possible saviours. Firstly, it has 2 speakers on the top of the handset, and the 2nd is used for the "speaker phone" setting which still works.
Secondly I have ordered a hands free kit for the phone which I will ultimately use for listening to calls by wiring them to the thumb and pinkie.

I have noticed that there is also no vibrate function, and I'm wondering whether the speaker at the top is responsible for producing the vibrate feature (which some Samsungs do). Unfortunately Samsung seems to be completely ignored by the Internet, so there's no useful PCB diagram, hackers’ resource or anything else of even moderate use. I'll try emailing Samsung support but I assume that will be like asking for a description of rainbows from a blindman.

Just a couple more days of development. Who knows, maybe next weekend it will get its first outing?

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