Thursday, 26 March 2009

Fingers affixed

So it has been and though I'm almost apologetic to do it, it's yet another post regarding the glove. Honestly if this doesn't work out it will be a rather large disappointment for both myself and my hundreds of readers.

Progress has been made and it is traditional to keep you all posted. Apologies for this post is only in English for now, my large Chilean following will have to wait for their usual translated post.

So on to the glove. The fingers have now all been cut, sewn and threaded with copper wire to reinforce and then reattached to the glove using the black leather thread. I am trying to get the glove itself fully done before I start attaching the electronics to it. This way the electronics can go on all at once to avoid unnecessary stress on components.

The speaker and microphone have both been detached and a length of extension wire put in between them and their original mounts. This has been accomplished through the use of the "Third hand" device. A useful "Mad scientist" looking set of clips designed to hold things in place leaving my hands free to solder.

On a sad note, the hands free kit did not work, so to answer a call (which will silently ring I'm afraid), I will need to press the answer key, and then the speaker key so that it uses the working speaker. This is hardly the end of the world, but it is a shame that even if everything else goes perfectly, the phone will still not have full functionality.

A suitable name is still required. An interesting mention by a Mr. Big Dave was the amalgamation of phone and glove to produce glone or phove. The alternative is to produce something from the Latin. Answers on a postcard please.

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